4 Important Reasons To Get Basement Waterproofing Even If You Don’t Use Your Basement

Many homeowners rarely or never enter their basements. They can have damage there and not know it until something major gets their attention. By that time, there might be significant structural damage. Moisture is a significant threat to basements. It can cause a number of issues, and one of the most serious ones is mold growth. The mold can spread to areas in the home and may cause structural damage and cause sickness. Basement waterproofing is a viable way to prevent moisture damage. The following points identify a few benefits of getting this service.

Improve Energy Efficiency 

Basements that do not have waterproofing will inevitably be humid at some point. This humidity can negatively impact energy efficiency, which will cause higher energy bills. Hot air rises, and humid air in a basement can spread to the upper floors of a home. This will result in the AC system needing to work harder to cool the home. A waterproofed basement will have less humidity, and a dehumidifier can be installed to further reduce humidity. 

Eliminate Offensive Odors

Homes that have a peculiar musty odor likely have mold somewhere within them. Some homeowners focus on their dwelling space when they look for signs of mold. It is possible for the stench of mold from a basement to filter into the upper areas of homes.

Reduce Chances of Basement Flooding

Some individuals use their basements for storing items. If a flood occurs, it is likely that the items will get damaged. As part of a basement waterproofing service, professionals usually ensure that there is proper drainage and a sump pump installed to remove water that may enter basements. Water can end up in basements through a variety of channels. Cracks may allow groundwater to seep through. Waterproofing can be considered an ideal solution to prevent cracks in basement floors. 

Preserve Health

Basements that have mold in them are a health threat. The toxic substance can spread to the dwelling area of homes and negatively impact health. Some individuals may not be affected, which is why mysterious illnesses may not immediately be linked to moldy basements. Individuals who already have respiratory conditions such as asthma may get sicker.

Damage contractors are a good resource to use to learn more about basement waterproofing. They can explain the process and offer additional benefits. An inspection will need to take place prior to the service. If a basement has already been compromised by mold, remediation will need to take place before the waterproofing service. After the service is completed, homeowners can have peace of mind that their properties are protected even if they never intend to use their basements.

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