The 4 Biggest Dangers Concerning Standing Water In Residential Basements

Your basement may be muggy, humid, leaky, and fairly damp sometimes, but allowing any visible flooding issues to go unchecked could be bad news for you, your home, and all of its inhabitants. Never think that a basement flood issue can be ignored or that the water will eventually evaporate, unless you intend on facing larger issues down the road. You can avoid four of the largest dangers that basement flooding can cause by having a water damage restoration professional complete an evaluation before the situation gets out of hand.

1. Damage To Your Cement Foundation - If the cement foundation in your basement is exposed to varying moisture levels and a wide range of temperatures, you could end up with hairline fractures or perhaps a large crack that runs the length of your home. Having a home on a cracked foundation is troublesome as you will need to hire an architect, contractors, and maybe even need to have your home jacked up to replace or repair the foundation. Consulting with a water damage restoration company in time immediate after a basement flooding issue emerges is more cost effective and a better protective measure to take against major structural damage to your residence.

2. Mold, Mildew And Air Quality Issues - Going into your basement and seeing that there is standing flood water can be a very unwanted surprise. You might assume that your basement has flooded because your sump stopped working, but the flooding may be directed to a flooding issue. In addition to facing the potential of mold growing in your basement, there may also be wastewater contaminating the lower level of your house. Both mold and human waste can contaminate everything it comes in contact with, including the air. A water damage restoration company will clean out all dangerous materials from your basement, identify where the source of your basement flood waters, and thoroughly dry it out.

3. Ruined Sheetrock and Drywall - Normally, it doesn't take long for drywall and sheetrock to dry out after a basement flood issue. On the other hand, if either of these materials is left saturated in water too long, mold spores will form and you will need to have it removed. Since water damage restoration companies know that time is important, you can potentially salvage all of the sheetrock and drywall in your basement and save a lot of money on remodeling.

4. Compromised Residential Electrical System - Water floods into the electrical sockets in your basement, you could end up with wet wiring, fried circuits and a residential electrical system that is not safe to use. Calling a water damage restoration out to your home immediately after you notice that you have a basement flooding issue can help to minimize damage that might have been caused to your electrical system as your basement will get dried out sooner. Even though a basement can get filled with water quickly, you can prevent the water from getting into your residential electrical system by calling for emergency flood water removal before the water has risen significantly.

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