3 Trendy Flooring Projects To Add A Personalized Touch To Water Damage Restorations

When it comes to the flooring in your home, there are many conventional choices of floors that give you new floors that look good. If you are doing major renovations after water damage, you may want to consider custom improvements with trendy flooring projects, such as acid stained concrete in a basement or custom tile designs. Here are some trendy flooring projects that will help add a touch of personality to your water damage restorations:

1. Acid Stained Concrete for Premium Custom Floors That Are Affordable

The most durable materials to use when doing water damage restoration are concrete floors with acid staining and other custom finishes. Acid staining is a great way to add a custom look to flooring in areas like basements. The acid staining process is a great way to create personalized designs for different areas of your finished basement and will never be damaged by flooding. With acid staining, you can create personalized designs that match themes, such as having your favorite team logo etched into the floors in a game room area or man-cave. Acid staining is also great to create a marble slab look or elegant floor designs in a finished basement.

2. Wood Flooring Lay-Ins with Composite Lumber to Give New Floors A Custom Design

The basement or areas that are flood-prone are no place for wood floors that can warp and become damaged when exposed to water and moisture. Composite lumber materials have been used for decades as durable solutions for exterior surfaces like wood decks. Today, there are also composite plastic lumber materials, which can be used to create durable, water-resistant floors when doing water damage restorations. To give these wood floors a custom look, use a variety of different colors to create custom lay-in designs in floors; just like custom wood floors.

3. Combining Tile Materials to Create Custom Floors with A Personalized Design

Tile flooring materials give you the most choice when it comes to style and design of custom floors when doing water damage restorations. You have the choice of vinyl and PVC tiles that can be combined to create custom designs. There also conventional clay and ceramic tiles that can be used to create custom, water-resistant floor designs, but these materials will be costlier than most other flooring solutions.

These are some trendy flooring projects that will give your major home renovations a personalized touch with custom features. If you are ready to start repairing water damage, contact a water damage restoration contractor, such as Win Win Emergency Restoration Corporation , and talk to them about some of these options for water-resistant flooring that gives repairs a custom, personalized design.