Five Reasons To Invest In Crawl Space Waterproofing

If your crawl space is a little moist from time to time, you might figure this is just part and parcel to having a crawl space. Maybe you have looked into crawl space waterproofing services, but the high cost turned you off. However, while crawl space waterproofing can be costly, it is almost always a worthy investment. Here are five reasons you should have your crawl space waterproofed if you've ever noticed moisture down there.

1. Mold Prevention

Where there is moisture, there is almost always mold. Even a small amount of mold growth in your crawl space can cause issues such as itching, sneezing, and wheezing. The mold will circulate through the rest of your home whenever the heat or air conditioning kicks on. And if you're quite allergic to mold, you may not even be able to spend time in or around the crawl space without an attack. Mold spores will settle in and sprout wherever there is moisture, so mold growth that begins in the crawl space may result in mold growth in the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas. Waterproof your crawl space, and you'll have fewer issues with mold throughout the home -- and you won't be grabbing your allergy meds as often.

2. Pest Control

So many household pests are attracted to moisture. Some of these pests, like silverfish and earwigs, are primarily a nuisance. However, pests like termites and carpenter ants can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. If your crawl space is moist, you can spend thousands on insecticides and other remedies without really getting to the root of the problem and completely eliminating the bugs. Drying out your home should be the first step in any proper pest control regimen and may make the use of insecticides unnecessary.

3. Wood Preservation

Wood won't last long in a moist environment. If your crawl space is moist, the rest of your home will be, too. So wooden items like your hardwood floors and trim may be prone to premature rot and deterioration. While you could run a dehumidifier to help keep moisture levels at bay, it may not keep up if moisture keeps seeping in through your crawl space. Waterproofing the space will ensure your wood items last longer and continue to look their best.

4. Improved Storage Space

If your crawl space is moist, you really can't store much down there, which means the space is essentially wasted. Dry it out, and you can use the space to store your outdoor decorations, off-season clothing, and memory items from childhood. Think of all the space this will clear out in your closets! You may even be able to get rid of the storage unit you've been paying for and put the items in your crawl space again. 

5. Increased Home Value

You're not the only one who wants a dry, insect-free home with plenty of storage space. Home buyers also look for these qualities. If you take the time and money to waterproof your crawl space, the home will be more appealing to future buyers. You'll not only earn more for the home, but you'll also have an easier time selling it. So while it may hurt to invest in crawl space waterproofing right now, you'll get that money back (and then some) when you sell.

Nobody should go on living with a moist crawl space. Waterproofing efforts such as sealing the walls, filling cracks, and installing a vapor barrier will keep the space dryer and more useable, which will transform your home into a more enjoyable and valuable living space. Get in touch with a company such as Central Penn Waterproofing to learn more.