3 Signs That You Need Water Damage Restoration Services

When there is a water leak in your home, the water could damage the house, appliances, electronics, and personal belongings. Therefore, you need experts to address the problem as soon as you notice signs of damage. It is important to learn the signs you should look out for to call water damage contractors on time. Here are the three main signs that your house is affected by water damage.

1. When You Perceive Musty Smells

When your house is damp and humid, you probably have a water leak. In most cases, these two signs are accompanied by a musty smell. Dampness creates a conducive environment for the growth of mold, which explains the musty smell in your home. The stronger the smell, the more the water damage.

The area in a home that is most likely to have these odors are the basement because this area does not have a free flow of air. Therefore, contact a water damage specialist if you notice a sudden change in air quality in your home and notice a strong, musty smell. These professionals will inspect your home and address the cause of the dampness and high humidity.

2. When the Wooden Floors Are Buckled

When there is excess moisture in a room, the hardwood floors start buckling. You will notice cupped edges and cracks in between the floor's boards. The buckling of the floors occurs when there is a lot of moisture. The water damage usually happens without your knowledge, especially when you don't notice spills and leave them unattended. Over time, the moisture causes expanding, lifting, and contracting of the floors.

High humidity levels in a home can also result in a build-up of moisture, resulting in the progressive buckling of the floors. There are many sources of moisture in your home. If you notice that your wooden floors are buckled, you need a water damage specialist to address the problem.

3. Water Stains on the Ceiling

You might notice brown or light stains on the ceiling, which is a common sign of water damage. The ceiling may start appearing yellow, green, or brown. This damage may affect the entire ceiling or in patches. If you notice these water stains, you should immediately contact a water damage specialist. They will address the problem and prevent further damage to the ceiling, walls, floors, carpet, equipment.

If you notice any of the discussed signs, you should hire professionals for water damage restoration. They will identify the source of the water damage and fix the problem to prevent further damage. For more information, reach out to a local company, like 1-800-BUSY-DOG.